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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Science?

Research in the Era of Learning Algorithms

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Research Group

Prof. Dr. Anna Echterhölter

University of Vienna Department of History Professorship for "Modern History: History of Science" Main Research Area: History of Technology, History of Science, History of Economics More Information

Prof. Dr. Jens Schröter

Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn Department of Media Studies Chair of Media Studies Main Research Area: Theory and History of Digital Media More Information

PD Dr. Andreas Sudmann

University of Regensburg DIMAS – Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies Media Studies Main Research Area: History and Medial Infrastructures of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Culture, Aesthetics and Politics of Visual Media More Information

Prof. Dr. Alexander Waibel

Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Institute of Anthropomatics Computer Science Main Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition & Translation, Multimodal and Perceptual User Interfaces, Neural Networks More Information